Домой Карьера How to get more followers on YouTube in 2020?

How to get more followers on YouTube in 2020?


The YouTube platform is gaining popularity every year and does not lose its relevance in 2020. Each new owner of the channel wants to reach the highest possible heights and gain high popularity. However, the competition on YouTube is quite high, and therefore moving forward is not so simple. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to get more followers on YouTube. Here you can buy youtube subscribers.

The secret to success on YouTube

The first metric YouTube is interested in is CTR. YouTube itself decrypts it as follows. CTR — How many times users watched the video after showing the thumbnail. By this indicator, you can judge the effectiveness of the badges, or as they say the markiness of badges.

The icon is the title picture that we see above the title of the video when searching, recommended, etc. This indicator can be seen in the statistics for each video.

The second indicator is audience retention. The longer they watch the video, the better. If the video is watched to the end, it’s generally perfect. Here you can just decide on the duration of the clips. The formula is simple, as long as they look, so much needs to be removed. Information on the duration of viewing videos is also available in the statistics section. We analyze, draw conclusions and optimize content.

And the third indicator is the viewing depth. It is advisable that YouTube users watch videos one by one and not leave the channel. The more videos they watch, the better. All information is also available in statistics.

You can and should work with these indicators. To increase their performance, you need to follow a few simple rules.

It is necessary to study statistics and observe its dynamics. Make bright, noticeable title pictures for each video. Compose a title with the main keywords, add a description in the form of related text with the integration of all tags from the video into it. A plus would be the addition of temporary navigation to the description. To increase the depth of viewing the YouTube channel, be sure to add tips and make the final splash screen with transitions to the next clips. So the user’s path will be longer, and the channel has a high viewing depth. To increase the depth of view, serialization also works great.